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Профиль LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamhere2/

Wide-qualified professional with versatile skills and rich experience in software design/development, mostly related to enterprise-level ERP software systems (the most noticeable were from Retail and Education domains). Successfully worked on a lot of different positions, but the most appropriate is a kind of Software/Solution Architect or Technical Product Manager. Quick learner with outstanding communication, analytics, teaching, and system thinking skills. Outstanding personal engagement and outcomes quality, no matter – for coding, design, or presenting tasks.

I began my career as an ordinary software developer (the bulk of my practice came to the .NET / Oracle platform), later becoming an architect, and later rose to the project/department manager, but realized, that engineering sphere is more interesting and fit me better than «pure management». However, I usually wear more than one «hat», playing several roles in new growing teams.

Currently, I work as a Software Architect, and as a Technology Projects Manager in CUSTIS (mid-size Moscow company).

My key areas of expertise are:
• ERP systems: architecture and full life cycle management.
• RDBMS, including practices for large volumes and high load systems.
• Architectural design of software systems: methodology, processes, standards, practices.
• Methodologies for software project management, agile-practices.
• Microsoft .NET technologies (and just some general knowledge in Java ecosystem).
• Broad background knowledge of the full spectrum of modern software technologies/approaches/patterns — clouds, big data, web, containerization, microservices, security, etc.

I have a successful experience in implementing Agile approaches, and in adopting architectural design and management practices for the entire company.

In recent years, I am interested in general management methodology, theory, and practice of architectural design, system engineering, human activity approach, and system approach. At the same time, I continue to write a lot of code on my own.

I participated in Russian software conferences (CEE SECR, Analyst Days) with reports according to various subjects.

As a part-time parallel job, for several years I worked as a Trainer and as a Lead Expert in Luxoft Professional Training Center. I conducted dozens of courses and led some fairly large audit projects. 

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